1.) Mrs PRJ, aged 26 years, was admitted in C.M.C. in the month of October 2016, one week before her expected date of delivery after suffering from high fever , Severe body ache and Diarrhoea. She was given usual antibiotics with no improvement. I was called upon to visit her by her relative and my family friend. Examined her, saw her blood reports (TLC slightly raised and Widal positive ) and prescribed her routine medicines with no benefit at all. Meanwhile the patient delivered a baby boy.

Next day, got a call from her immediate relative that her condition has worsened and she has been shifted to ICU, and was on ventilator. The family panicked and thought of shifting her to Delhi to so called bigger hospital. Her husband and brother visited me and asked my advise. I saw her reports, all parameters were normal (ECG, routine blood tests , only X-ray showed severe pleural effusion.) I asked them not to panic and tell me about her improvement in evening. Still patient showed no signs of improvement. Later in the evening, her husband and brother again came to me and told, doctors in C.M.C. told she had poor prognosis and anything could happen. I asked them did u talk to patient. Her husband replied, “YES , SHE SAID, WHY THEY ARE NOT SHIFTING ME TO ROOM.I M ABSOLUTELY FINE. So, I considered the rubric, WELL SAYS SHE IS WHEN VERY SICK.

Although there were other remedies as well in this rubric , but ARNICA was of highest grade .
ARNICA 1 M in high dilution was given to the patient and asked her husband to rub the dilution on her palms and soles. (Patient was on ventilator in ICU and staff there didn’t allow relatives to give any medicinal substance to the patient . And I have done this technique of rubbing medicine to patient’s palms and soles quite a number of times, even inhalation of medicine.) And I asked her husband to be by her side most of the times and keep on caressing her hands and forehead as I am a firm believer of touch therapy of loved ones.

Staff and doctors in ICU were told that, “Unke Swamiji ne AMRIT diya hai rub karne ke liye.” Patient’s brother called me next morning, ventilator was removed and patient was improving and in 2 days, Patient was shifted to room and in 5 days, she was discharged. ( Her husband told me on phone.)

Although success of this case cannot be attributed to Homoeopathy only, as patient was on Antibiotics as well .Yet, this was a special case as was referred by a family friend on high expectations, two, it was easy to cure as symptoms of patient were given directly by her attendants and no repertorisation was done and no long analysis was there. Dr. Samriti Middha was very helpful in treating this case with her prognosis and diagnosis .

Later, the patient herself came with her husband for some other problem of hers and thanked me personally.

So, it was a nice feeling.

2.) A patient, ICICI manager, presenting symptoms from head to foot, ranging from depression to nasal congestion, mental confusion to sexual symptoms since 6 months. No head or tail of symptoms. 3 pages and 25 min. of history.

One last question just like throwing an arrow in dark. “Have u ever been hit in head?”

And here comes YES. 8 months before fell in bathroom and tap hit the head. No prizes of guessing the medicine. 3 doses of that did the trick in 5 days what doctors from C.M.C. and psychiatrists and psychologists and their pharmacies couldn’t do.

Just mentioned this case because sometimes prescription on CAUSATION can also do wonders. You can’t stick to one method and say I prescribe on physicals or mental or therapeutics. These are the miracles of Homoeopathy.

3.) A child, MNO, 8 years, living in a distant city, suffering from  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ), his father presented following symptoms. Slow in reacting, hugs others, throws things, plays mischief, very very acute memory, extremely inquisitive, doesn’t sit  in one position constantly, even in class, revengeful , wanders here and there, extremely irritable, bites, afraid of dark, possessive, makes grimaces.

On the basis of above persistent and predominating symptoms, medicine was prescribed. Patient is taking medicine from 3 months and for the first time since he is going school, he has passed his exams with B grade. In Hindi, he got A grade and all his exams he passed without instructor.(previously the child used to write exams with the help of instructor only.) I haven’t seen the child till date. All his symptoms were taken on phone. His father gave very clear history and clear cut symptoms.

The parents are very very happy with the improvement because not only they are getting results academically but their near and dear relatives are also noticing minor and major changes in the child.

And so am I because the satisfaction these types of cases give is PRICELESS.

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