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We Care
Our Motto
We Care

Our motto is to care and cure and WE BELIEVE THAT FEES AND MONEY IS NOT A PRIORITY AND IT’S better to lose money than the faith and confidence of our patients. WE HAVE BECOME A CLINIC WHERE SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED.

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We Care
We Care
A Complete Family Clinic
A Complete Family Care Clinic

At MHC, we believe that prevention is better than cure. We are committed to making our patients disease free and medicine free. We constantly aim to deliver best to our patients, by making them feel free to us and have personal relations with their doctor and not just professional relations. We love to make our patients understand the disease and how to stop their treatment after we advise them how to manage their disease and make slight changes in their life style. Our mission is not to start the patient’s treatment but educate them how to do those little small things in order to stop the treatment after sometime as well. We believe that with those few and very easy changes, which were responsible for your sickness and disease, you can even stop your medicines and who won’t love that. Get in touch with us right now and find out how we can help you manage your sickness. We value patient’s time, life and money and have treatments and packages fitting into budget of every family.

Director's message
Director's Message

Dr. Punit Middha, Director (MHC)

Our main responsibility at Middha Homoeopathic Centre is to bring happiness and smile in our patients life. We work together with our patients to serve their entire family for their health needs in all stages of life. We are the providers believing in comprehensive health care services to provide them the best physical and mental state. We go one step further to help you maintain your health and once you visit us,you will feel the difference between our clinic and other clinics.
We provide affordable health to all and our motto is to care for you as well as cure you. We make sure that when you leave the clinic,you have satisfaction as well as smile on your face.

Why Prefer Us
Why Prefer Us?

You have to be with us to know that. We prefer quality over quantity. We believe in good terms and relations with our patients and not only professional relations. We want your medicines and treatment to be stopped after some time and we would educate you for that.


We don’t just want our patients to give money and take medicine, we love to go one step further for the CARE AND CURE of our patients. Lots of patient’s medicines have been stopped by us only by educating them and telling them few know-hows of their diseases.

Our Services
Our Services


  • We give free consultation to the poor and discount in treatment too every Saturday evening and the same to Indian army personnel.


  • We try to be as patient friendly as possible and we have tie ups with almost all major labs and their franchises in Ludhiana to give you maximum benefit under one roof for your blood investigations with discount and even arrange major investigations like MRI, CT Scans and Mammography at discounted prices with ambulance services at your door steps.


  • We also deliver medicines at your door steps (we have tie up with delivery boys at extra charges and we courier your medicines within India or even abroad.
Patient's Testimonials
We Care
Right sided kidney stone and PCOD (poly cystic ovarian disease) of a patient cured permanently with our treatment in 10 months
Right sided kidney stone and PCOD (poly cystic ovarian disease) of a patient cured permanently with our treatment in 10 months
Ask for Homoeopathic vaccinations for your child!
An ISO9001: 2015 Certified Centre
Assured Treatment Results
We Care
Lots of our patients are with us since we opened and established our clinic. That itself says that how much faith they have in us. As already stated and mentioned, we do not undertake patients whose chances of cure are remote or zero or minimal. At the same time, we are specialists of so called obstinate diseases or diseases where you have been refused or even lost hope of recovery. Our cure percentage is as high as 90% which is great as compared to our counterparts. We never ever undertake hopeless cases and do not waste patient's valuable time and money and hence their faith.
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